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In this rapidly changing world, agriculture is an important industry that will never die. Feed is a necessity for you and your livestock. We are building Pakistan’s agricultural competitiveness. However, it takes time to cross geographical boundaries and reach the best products from the rich countries of Pakistan and that is why WE ARE HERE. Our experience and extensive network removes these barriers and connects your business needs. Your search for a healthy and balanced pet food ends here as we take your expectations to the next level with our personalized service. I believe in growing together and I believe your business can grow with us.

Ch Shamim Tahir

A Message From Sales Manager

The health of our animals is just as important as ours. It is clear that the environmental conditions and the nutrition we provide to our farm animals are the ones that have the most impact on their health and nothing else. At Aalaf International we are proud to work to provide online livestock health services. As we believe in building a society where shaking hands will make us stand out, we invite you to join us on this platform where we will provide instant advice for your sick pet.

Shahid Mehmood

mr amjad

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