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How to use Photoshop Generative Fill to add, remove or extend

How To Use Photoshop’s “Generative Fill” AI Tool, The Biggest Game Changer In The Design Industry

We are only a whisker away from when every image you publish online, or even merely store on Creative Cloud or whatever vault, gets vetted for “Violations”. Frankly, I couldn’t care less what “artists” do with poop. I simply find it ridiculous to complain about “thought policy” because Photoshop doesn’t let you create fake poop. I have viewed the Glyn Dewis YouTube about the use of this, and what he uses it for makes sense.

photoshop generative ai fill

In other words, you don’t have to worry about AI using someone’s copyrighted material in your photos. But you’ll still have to wait as Adobe isn’t giving away commercial rights to its AI generations just yet. Have you ever wished you could change certain aspects of your photos, extend them to show more of the subject or convert a portrait shot into a landscape one? Until recently, all of those tasks were possible but they required advanced Photoshop skills. You’d also have to spend a few hours painstakingly working on each photo. But all of that is set to change thanks to a new feature dubbed Generative Fill.

How to use Photoshop AI generative fill? And how to apply it in our day-to-day design work?

Release your mouse button and Photoshop fills the extra canvas with your Background color, which by default is white. With my image, I want to add more space on the left (the direction the woman is facing). Check out my separate tutorial on how to download the Photoshop beta using the Creative Cloud Desktop app. For now, Generative Fill is only available in the Photoshop beta. But don’t worry because the Photoshop beta is available to everyone.

In this tutorial, you will learn to make realistic shadows in Photoshop. Learn to create a Saturation Map so that you can “see” the saturation of a photo. In this tutorial I will be going though 2 different techniques to mask hair. The first will be applicable to all versions of Photoshop, while the second will only work with Photoshop CS5 and above. In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how to quickly change eye color in Adobe Photoshop.

Remove Objects

There you go – you’ve got a new layer in your file with the added options, and you can always click Generate again to get some new choice to review if you’re not happy with them. The generated options are also saved in the layer, so you don’t lose the ability to swap between them. That’s why Adobe’s new feature for Photoshop is so exciting – called Generative Fill, if you’ve got a Photoshop membership you should be able to access it and check out its amazing generative image features. Now that you better understand how generative fill works, we’d like to give you a few tips to help you use it more effectively. While Photoshop’s AI tools work great all on their own, there are a few ways to get better results and combine them with other features in Photoshop. For the third selection, draw a rectangular selection around the upper third of your image.

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What is the minimum spec (lowest power drain) graphics card needed to run this? My current one won’t even run the new Lightroom Denoise Ai and I don’t want to also have to upgrade the power supply, – or buy a new PC ! The “guidelines” are overly broad and the warnings sometimes pop up for the most inane and harmless things, like just fixing a bit of background in a landscape photo. My impression is that Generative Fill likes to come up with random things that violate Adobe’s guidelines, but it quickly deletes them before you can see them, and then posts that silly warning. WatSon, “violation guidelines”, judged by computer, are a far bigger worry than just not allowing you to add poo (as we Brits call it) to your images.

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AI Generative Fill will add, extend or remove content based on the text prompts you give. This new AI tool creates pixels in the form of real photos derived from its Adobe Stock image library; you don’t have to worry about image copyrights whatsoever. In the next part, you can find Yakov Livshits the best AI tools to use to create AI-generated content and more. In the new Photoshop beta, this bar shows up whenever you have a new selection. Clicking the button with no text prompt will invoke the AI to fill out what it thinks will look best to complete the selection.

The AI is weirdly fussy about what it will and will not create. Expect to spend some serious time trying multiple generation runs and multiple prompts. Adobe claims all images are derived from Adobe stock images, which is why the variety isn’t as good as with Midjourney. All I had to do was select where the buildings were and hit Generative Fill. The AI extended the rest of the background to that area and removed the error. The lighting and shadow on the UFO were appropriate to the scene, but it’s this next AI request that will really showcase the AI in action.

Before and After Examples Using Photoshop AI

This means one can effectively transform an image into something else entirely. Users under the age of 18 will see Generative Fill but will not be able to use it. Additionally, the capability is present but inactive for non-RGB 8/16 bits documents. When you hover over the Generate button, a tooltip will appear explaining why you can’t use it. Users under the age of 18 with a Creative Cloud Individual license, as well as CC Teams, CC Enterprise, and our Educational customers, do not have access to Generative Fill in the Photoshop (beta) app.

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The Adobe Photoshop generative fill feature has been making waves since its release to the public early this year. Now anybody can become a Photoshop pro, thanks to this highly sophisticated generative AI tool. Once you’ve made a selection, the floating taskbar will change, and you’ll see the Generative Fill option on the left-hand side. At the time of writing, Adobe hasn’t added the Generative Fill tool to its standard Photoshop program. Instead, to work with it, you need the Beta version of Photoshop (which is a different app that can be downloaded from the Creative Cloud app).

How to use Photoshop AI – Generative Fill explained

Fortunately, Generative Fill made short work out of not only removing the structure but also seamlessly adding elements with the corresponding color and tone to blend in perfectly. All I did was make a selection around the structure and let Generative Fill take care of the rest. Powered by Adobe Firefly, the Generative Fill function is fairly primitive for now, but in the right hands can already be used to make impressive changes to your photographs. All you have to do is select a portion of the image, type what you want Photoshop to do, and the AI will do the rest. It’s even possible to leave the prompt box blank, hit the Generate button and leave Photoshop to do whatever it likes. You can generate images on a blank canvas to create your composition.In the image below, we generated a grassy field, an overcast sky, a rocky creek with reflective water, and an old red barn.

  • Generative Fill acts as your creative catalyst, instantly transforming your ideas into stunning images.
  • Photoshop generative fill is a new AI-powered image generator.
  • And you can use those credits for any Firefly-powered feature in any of the apps you use.
  • You can use it to create images from scratch, remove objects and backgrounds, extend the size of your canvas, and generate backgrounds or realistic objects.
  • You can generate as many results as you like without losing the ones you had.
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