Green Millet

Green millet


Green Millet is from the most established food varieties from the group of millets very notable to people and conceivably the primary cereal grain to be utilized for homegrown purposes. Green Millet is profoundly nutritious, non-glutinous and is not difficult to process. It is viewed as the most un-allergenic and effectively absorbable grain on the planet. It likewise assists with warming the body in cold or stormy seasons and environments. This quality horticulture item is known for high dietary benefit, no tenacity in the wake of cooking and great flavor.




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  • Moisture 12% (Max.)
  • Purity 99% (Min.)
  • Unfamiliar Matter 1% (Max.)
  • Grade Premium
  • Packing In Strong PP Bags 25/50 Kg Packing Net.
  • 1 FCL/20 FT 24 MT/1 FCL
  • Usage Human Consumption, Animal and Bird Feed
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