Mango is one of the tropical natural products, which commodity has encountered colossal advancement as of late in Pakistan. One of the primary reasons is advancement in transportation to air and ocean cargo. It opened ways to convey enormous amounts at serious costs. Mango is on the first spot on the list of organic products filled in Pakistan.
Pakistan is the fifth biggest maker and the third biggest exporter of mango on the planet. Its dirt and climatic circumstances empower creation and market supply of good quality new mango over a time of around 5 to a half year.


  • Delicious
  • substantial product
  • structure 5 to 15 cm of length
  • greenish, yellowish or ruddy tone
  • sweet and delectable
  • It contains a bone or huge stone level
  • encompassed by a wooden deck
  • oval-molded
  • its sugar content records for 20%.
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